The Tour de Worcester

The 2018 Tour De Worcester is a 3 part race series in Worcester MA where runners and walkers can run/walk and accumulate their times and score in the overall Tour De Worcester in addition to scoring at each individual race. Participants can elect to register for one, two or all three races in the Tour De Worcester race series.

Race 1. Guinness Celtic 5k
Race 2. Jay Lyons 5k
Race 3. Worcester Firefighters 6k

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Call Us

Celtic 5k 401.952.6333

Jay Lyons 5k 774.437.2269

Worcester Firefighters 6k 774.696.1826

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Start Locations

Celtic 5k 284 Highland St, Worcester, MA
Jay Lyons 5k 551 Pleasant St, Worcester, MA
Firefighters 6k Institute Park, Salisbury St, Worcester, MA

Tour Dates

Celtic 5k March 11
Jay Lyons 5k April 8
Worcester Firefighters 5k June 3